Wipro Latest Coding Questions 2019-20

Wipro Latest Coding Questions 2019

Find Wipro Latest Coding Questions 2019,Wipro Programming Sample Paper pdf, Wipro Coding-Automata Questions for freshers,Wipro Previous Year Coding Questions with the Solutions.In this page ,We will guide you step by step about Wipro Coding Papers. Softscholer has got a lot of Queries regarding Wipro Programming Section. After Reading this page,you people will get your answers. 

Wipro Programming Questions with Solutions 2019

Wipro Coding Questions Based on C
Wipro Coding Questions Based on C++
Wipro Coding Questions Based on JAVA

String Based Programs

  • Word Count
  • Strings Sort
  • Compare strings
  • Frequency of Characters        
  • Substring
  • Palindrome

Matrix Based Programs

  • Transport
  • Inverse
  • Sort Row & Column
  • Sum of Elements
  • Multiplication of Matrices

Numbers Based Programs

  • Palindrome
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Polynomial Series
  • Armstrong Number
  • GCD & LCM

Pattern Based Programs

  • Pyramid Pattern
  • Basic Pattern Programs

Array Based Program

  • Sum of Array
  • Sum and Average

Sorting Algorithm

  • Bubble Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort


  • Binary Search
  • Linear Search

Function Based Program

  • Argument Types

Linked List

Stack and Queue


Wipro Coding Sample Paper 2019


  • Candidate will get 2 Questions.
  • Allotted Time :- 45 min
  • First Read the Description Carefully.
  • Candidate can use C,C++ and Java Languages.
  • If any Function Name ,Argument Type and any other instruction given in the question.In that case, Candidate should follow the instructions, candidate can not create own data type and functions.
  • Evaluate  both the programs with the given test cases.
  • Write the program,which can run for all test cases.
  • When Candidate will be given questions,Already some coding will be written there,Don’t cut it,This is related to the question.

Wipro Programming Paper Latest Test Pattern 2019

Total No. of Questions :- 2

Allotted Time :- 45 min.

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Wipro Coding Paper Latest Topics 2019

Here Wipro Latest Coding Questions 2019 with latest toic wise detailed description:

Wipro Coding TopicsDifficulty LevelImportance
Basic C
(Array based,Pattern Based)
(class and object based , GCD & LCM
Easy- ModerateHigh
Sorting BasedHighModerate – High
Searching BasedHighModerate
Linked listHighModerate – High
Stack & QueueHighModerate

Wipro Preparation and Study Materials Based FAQ’s

Most frequent questions and answers

  1. How many questions are there in wipro coding round ?

Ans: There are 2 questions in wipro coding round.

2. How many Questions we should evaluate to clear Wipro Coding Round??

Ans: Try to evaluate both the questions,if not,you must have to evaluate 1 question with all test cases.

3. What is the difficulty level of both the questions?

Ans.Visit our Wioro Syllabus Page and know about the difficulty level of the questions.

4. Is wipro coding round online or offline? ?

Ans: There is online wipro coding round,you have to evaluate the program online coding window.

5. Is there negative Marking in Wipro section?

Ans: No,There is no negative marking,try to attempt all questions.