Infosys Quantitative Aptitude Questions Papers 2019

Infosys Quantitative Aptitude Questions Papers 2019

Here you will get all information related to Infosys Quantitative Aptitude Questions Papers 2019. Find Infosys Quants Papers, Infosys recent aptitude papers and Infosys Quantitative previous Year papers with detailed solution and Know about the Infosys Quantitave recent Aptitude papers. In our paid material get all Infosys Quantitative Aptitude Previous year Questions with Answers.That will be helpful for you to study and get good Percentile in Infosys Placement Paper.


Infosys Latest Aptitude Test Paper with Solutions

  • Percentages
  • Profit and Loss
  • Permutation and Combination

Infosys Recent Aptitude Papers with Answers

  • Probability
  • Speed Time and Distance
  • Boats and Streams

Infosys Most Recent Quantitative Questions with Solutions

  • Time and Work
  • Data Interpretation
  • Mixtures and Allegation

Infosys Aptitude sample test paper

Infosys Aptitude questions that have been asked in the previous year Infosys aptitude test.We will give you full details of the question pattern and with solutions and how to score good percentile in this section.

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Infosys Latest Aptitude Curriculum 2019-20

Infosys Quantitative latest topics with Difficulty level is described below in the given table:

Infosys Quantitative TopicsTime RequiredDifficulty Level
Profit and Loss 1 minute Moderate
Probability 1 minute Moderate
Percentage 1 minute Easy
Area & Shapes 1 minute Easy
Speed,Time And Distance 1-2 minutes High
Time and Work 1-2 minutes Moderate
Data Interpretation 1 minute Moderate
Mixture and Allegation 1-2 minutes Moderate
Permutation and Combination 1-2 minutes Easy-Moderate
Boats and Streams 1 minuteModerate

Infosys Aptitude Question Paers with Solutions

Infosys Aptitude Paper Based FAQ’s

1.Will I Get PreviousYears Solved Question Papers ?

Ans: Yes we provide previous years and all latest questions papers with easy solutions.

2. How SoftScholer will help me?

Ans: SoftScholer will provide all recent Quantitative Question Papers. We also provide 24/7 support for any queries regarding online exam.

3. When Infosys Off-Campus hiring takes place?

Ans: Throughout the year Infosys do Off-Campus hiring. Subscribe to our Off-Campus whatsapp group to get notified of recent Off-Campus drives.

4. How I can buy the preparation materials?

Ans: You have to buy your required preparation materials from our paid section and then once payment is successfully completed, you will get your preparation materials in your registered email id that you provided during the payment process.


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